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Stand Tall

Stand tall

Stand tall

If you feel like you start to get shorter and more slumped as your day goes on, try this exercise to stretch the side of your body and give you a sense of increased height:

Stand with a wall to your right. Start about 12 inches away from the wall, but increase this distance as appropriate.

Place your right hand on the wall above your head with your elbow straight and your palm pressing into the wall.

Then lift your left arm and stretch it up and over your head toward the wall. If the stretch is too much, move closer to the wall. If it’s too little, move farther away.

Remain for five to 10 breaths, and then try the other side.

Stand tallWhen you’ve practiced on both sides, stand up straight for a moment. Do you feel taller?

Has some of the discomfort melted away?

If so, practicing this exercise regularly may be good for you.