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Healing Plow Pose


Woman lying on a mat doing yoga

Hi there, well you all know that yoga is actually good for you. This pose – plow pose stimulates your abdominal organs and thyroid gland. It can assist with backache, headaches and insomnia.

Have a go! Lie on your back and lift your feet toward the ceiling without lifting your hips of the ground. If you are already feeling challenged stay here. Now pull your navel to your spine, this activates your core and lift your feet up and over your head towards or to the floor. Now wriggle your shoulders under your back and interlace your fingers reaching them outwards. Breathe deeply and easily. Focus of relaxing the muscles in your face and keep your head and neck still. Stay in the pose for one to two minutes then slowly come out.  Bring your knees together feet close to your buttocks and relax.

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Hand and Foot Sugar Scrub


handsugar scrub

Ok eliminate sugar from your diet. That does not mean there is no use for it in your life. In fact, it can help your skin look luminous.

Sugar crystals make an excellent hand and foot exfoliant, helping to smooth and polish the skin.

Take half a cup of sugar, add a tablespoon of a good quality oil (olive, sweet almond or jojoba,) add fix or six drops of essential oil of your choice.

Massage the mixture into your hands and feet paying particular attention to the cuticles and any calluses. Leave it for a few minute to allow the oil to penetrate then rinse of with warm water.

Get Rid of Pesticides


f and v

You can make this simple vegetable wash and give your produce a good rinse when you bring it home from the shop to ensure it is in tip-top shape for all your fruit, salads and vegetables.

Mix the following ingredients and put them into a spray bottle:

Fill half the bottle with distilled white wine vinegar, fill the remaining half with water, add one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.Spray you fruit and vegetables, rinse well and store.